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Laudamiel’s been busy – also launching his own exciting new series, setting out to demystify the world of scent while exciting the senses (and with a highly intriguing website). Fig fans are in for a treat – Christophe says, with characteristic frankness: ‘If
you don’t like raw figs or fig trees do not buy this!’ Unctuously sap-laden creaminess oozes lavish exoticism with a leafy fruitiness and milky dry-down
that’s just heavenly. Happily, The Zoo will ship internationally. $98 for 50g eau de parfum (plus shipping)


Christophe Laudamiel is probably the world’s most refreshingly open perfumer – now with his own new
collection, featuring high doses of intriguing ingredients. The enveloping narcissus absolute in Everlasting is used in its purest form – not floral, as
you’d expect, but earthily green and reminiscent of damp moss. Wildly seductive and reassuringly woody, there are oodles of resinous labdanum
for a leathery, amber-rich trail that has us longing to explore the full range. £100 for 50g eau de parfum www.thezoo.nyc