by Christophe Laudamiel


"Perfumer of the future", P&F

"The greatest inventor of novel perfume structures working today", L. Turin

Perfumer[....] revolutionizing the industry", Sunday Times

"A true perfume genius", i-D Magazine

“Virtuoso Rebel”, Perfume Society



Why THE ZOO®? We see each of our fragrances as animals. They compose a menagerie of colors and personalities, requiring exotic ingredients from around the world. They are blended by Christophe to deliver intrigue, surprise and comfort, and shipped in natural woolen pouches where they long for you to unleash them.

For each, you will enjoy a set of dreams, anecdotes and twists.

As in any respectable zoo, check out the guide and watch for The Zoo® police below, to protect you and our creations.

Have fun, sniff back and relax !





An easy to wear fragrance, a breath of fresh air and good energy for you and the people around you.


Drench yourself in it as a wake-up call in the morning, stay fresh and motivated in the office, the gym, on the plane or train. Stay fresh in hot climates or in overheated rooms in the winter.



Deep and sensual fragrances, full-bodied but not necessarily heavy,  but sure to leave an impression.


Watch people around you as you wear these fragrances:  you wear THE ZOO™ SEXY when you are on a mission.



Blunt, straight forward and explicit fragrances. What you see on the fragrance label is what you get.


Direct smells: wear THE ZOO™ RAW scents because you like it straightforward, without embellishments. You love the purity of the ingredient and the honesty of the fragrance.



You and your fragrance like to go against accepted standards.


You're comfortable being a paradigm-breaker: wear THE ZOO™ FORBIDDEN in public or whispering behind closed doors.


These smells are banned by experts or by countries where they won’t be shipped, due to their ingredient content, proportions or creation methods.

The Zoo™ Guide




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Smelling is healthy. It is fitness for the brain. By smelling, your brain is flexing muscles and learning a new language. It will not explode; instead it will grow stronger, more agile and youthful, at all ages. 


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Close your eyes to smell what the scent is trying to tell you. Think of a sommelier at work or simply try to enjoy it without overthinking.


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Breathe naturally, do not force or change your breathing.
 To refresh your nose: breathe your own clean skin like the back of your hand (no coffee beans please!).


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Science suggests that you and your neighbors actually smell the same components, however, you may just interpret things differently.


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Close your eyes to smell what the scent is trying to tell you. Think of a sommelier at work or simply try to enjoy it without overthinking.


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Hint: clothing and fabric generally retain and diffuse smells much better than skin. Spraying on your clothes instead of your skin will often give you a bigger and longer bang for your buck. 


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Alcohol used in perfumery is exactly the same as the alcohol in your vodka or whiskey. It is just denaturized with a bitter agent so that children, and adults, don’t drink it. Alcohol sprays in a thinner, more delicate mist than water or oil. It dissolves natural essences in a clear and clean sprayable liquid, whereas water would create an ugly and thick vinaigrette. Alcohol has been the perfumer's best friend since 1370.



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THE ZOO™ team will not stick their noses where they don't belong: we will keep your visits and data in strict confidentiality, respecting even European laws, which are currently some of the strictest privacy laws in the world.

For further reading:

On how to smell on skin, CLICK HERE

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On natural versus synthetic ingredients  KEAP SUMMARY ARTICLE

On the general fragrance creative process watch this Award-winning  VIDEO.


 Enjoy and cheers!


Your dedicated THE ZOO™ team

The Zoo™ Police






We pledge to create original olfactory forms.


There is no fog in THE ZOO™. We pledge to write scent descriptions that are reliable and actually descriptive. If we say it, you will smell it.


Creations borrowed from existing olfactory forms will be acknowledged and original creators named and rewarded. Plagiarism is not an option.

      If you see or smell something: say something. We will give utmost diligence to real facts brought to our intention: be them to improve our scents or edit our descriptions and guide.

If you are given samples, it is not to sell them. Instead, donate them to people in need such as at Dress for Success or other charitable organizations who will dispatch them for you to people who cannot afford them.






We strive to bring good mood, education and respect in our mission.


We strive to tell stories, meaningful stories, true stories. We have done so since 1994.


We strive to ensure our suppliers, farmers and chemists receive the respect they deserve.


The fragrance industry is very small, your acts can be sniffed out easily. We shall investigate violations to our intellectual property or gentleman and gentlewoman agreements. Authorship violators will be prosecuted. They shall be posted on our black board of “bad hackers”.

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