How do you know if grain of musk is real or fake?

Grains of musk were/are about 100,000 a kilo, but I would never buy them because the dealers are specifically killed for this, and they almost disappeared. Even then, that we kill the animal for this is really weird. It's still used in Chinese medicine, but I believe this has to be discouraged. Castoreum is different becuase the animal is killed anyway, like rats, due to overpopulation.


How Do You Replace Animal Musk For A Synthetic In Your Compositions? Do You Use Castoreum, Hyraceum Stone, Civet And Ambergris, Or Do You Avoid All Animal-Derived Ingredients In Your Perfumes?

I Avoid Castoreum Because It Requires Killing The Animal. I Use Hyraceum, Which I Think Is Very Good. I Use Civet Synthetic Or Civet Artificial, Which Are Very Good - Really No Need For Natural Civet. I Use Natural Ambergris. I Use Costus Molecules If I Can Find Them, But Some Are Regulated. I Use Cresols.